Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: The slipperiest woman in Weatherfield edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

A unbearably sad week in Manchester and the cast and crew of Coronation Street was most certainly shocked and distressed. A tribute will be forthcoming. You can read more here.

On the Street, the dramatic Peak District adventure comes to an end as Tracy takes the rap for Ken's assault while Rob is given the unenviable task of driving Amy back to Weatherfield (not during rush hour traffic, I hope). But don't worry, things work out - sort of.

Tracy winds up in court. Rob discovers that Amy did not push Ken down the stairs (as Tracy believed) and Rob manages to find the courtroom (apparently without any difficulty at all), bursts in and reveals the truth to all and sundry. Tracy walks. Case closed.  Oh no, wait, case still open. We still don't know who pushed Ken. However Tracy and Amy are reconciled.

Sinead is still seething over Ken's interference in her pregnancy (which led to a termination). Daniel proposes that she and him run away to Oxford. She agrees.

Sally discovers her sister Gina living in squalor and insists that she and step-daughter Leah move in with her. Scott & Bailey Jr. (aka Sophie and Rosie) are none too thrilled as they believe Gina is the troll (or gremlin) behind the stalking of Sally.

Good news! Phelan and Eileen are back. Michelle is still fragile which makes her want to get revenge on Steve by stealing the Rover's hot pot recipe for the Bistro menu. Talk about a competitive disadvantage!

In Plattland, David discovers that Clayton is in hospital after an altercation in Cell Block Number 9. Of course, he's delighted while secret Mother-of-Clayton Shona, is distraught.

Mensa candidate Maria decides she's OK being Aidan's bit-on-the-side but needs to make Eva hate her to make it all work. Mission accomplished.  Rana buys a vintage food truck (i.e. ramshackle) for Zeedan so he can start his own business called (wait for it) "Speed Dal".

And now for a few lines from the week:

Yasmeen is disappointed at the outcome of Tracy's court hearing:
"The slipperiest woman in Weatherfield lives to fight another day"
(The luck of the Barlows)

Mary complains to Norris about Sean's cheating on a radio contest:
"That low-down, knicker-stitching cheat"
(that's no way to talk about a lodger)

Amy to Tracy upon seeing Rob who was hiding upstairs:
"I thought it was a squirrel"
(from the same rodent family... but not as smart)

Audrey to Luke re: Tracy:
"We all know what a manipulative madam she is"
(she certainly "manipulated" Luke, many times)

Maria to David after an altercation with Aidan's girlfriend:.
"Eva shoved a cream horn in my face"
(I assume that's not a metaphor) 


Well, Corrie Companions, so ends the week. Thanks for stopping by and all the best.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Peak District edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

What's Amy complaining about?

She's on vacation and enjoying all the comforts of country living in the Peak District: fresh air, beautiful views, a loving Mom with a penchant for criminals, quaint payphones and all the mod cons (well, 'con' in this case). Sounds better than Butlins (from what I recall of my own family hols).

But here's the problem: Rob's escape package vacation is only for one person, one way. His "travel agent" is unable to cater to a party of three. Looks like they'll have to go their separate ways - and fast because the coppers are on their trail.

Elsewhere, Corrie's Scott and Bailey (aka Sophie and Rosie) are trying to get to the bottom of the trolling situation which has traumatized Sally. They try to confront Sally's sister, Gina, but Gina doesn't seem to be aware of what she's doing, or maybe she has issues.

In the 'makes your skin crawl' department, evil Nathan is really doing a nasty psychological number on Bethany, aided and abetted by Mel. This after Nathan sets up Bethany for a 'date' with creepy Neil which leaves Bethany shaken and in tears. Sarah is distraught and helpless, even more so when she finds out that Bethany is engaged to Nathan.

Michelle is moving in with Robert, while Maria is dong her best to get her own back at Aidan by sabotaging a posh client lunch. Eva is meanwhile losing patience with Aidan and his reluctance to get married.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tracy tries to prepare Amy for a reunion with her ex:
"Do you miss Rob?"
(Next question)

Amy to Tracy:
"I preferred Robert or Luke"
(or anyone else...)

Michelle to Robert:
"I love you full stop"
(Who's 'full stop'.I thought she loved Robert)

Steve (on behalf of him and Adam) to the police officer:
"We're not thick you know"
(glad you cleared that up)

Nathan to Bethany:
"Will you marry me?"
(I hope not)

One of Aidan's lunch guests to Maria:
"What is that around your ankle?"
(a gift from Her Majesty's Prison Service)

Well, committed Corriephiles, so ends another week. I hope someone can save Bethany from the clutches of Nathan and I hope Rob finds true happiness in a shipping container or wherever he ends up. Have a great long weekend, thanks for stopping by and all the best!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: Tracy Barlow's special Mother's Day edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Just in time for Mother's Day, Tracy has a plan to abdicate her Momly duties by doing a runner with Rob the prison escapee and leaving Amy behind.

Why, you ask? Well it's complicated. First Tracy thinks Amy might be responsible for Ken's downstairs tumble. Second, Tracy realizes that she loves that big lug Rob, despite his foibles (like murder).  They've got a car and they're going on the run. Think of it as Thelma and Louise with a heterosexual twist.

Elsewhere the creepathon continues at the tanning salon as Nathan pressures Bethany into having a drink with Neil the slimeball. Sarah makes an attempt to bring Bethany back home but Gary spoils the effort by punching Nathan.

Sally is till suffering panic attacks and Rosie discovers that the troll is none other than Sally's sister.

Billy has a surprise for Todd and his name is Drew. Drew is Billy's ex and he has a daughter who is Billy's goddaughter. Todd is not amused and he thinks there's more to Drew than meets the eye.

Adam is still in police custody and they won't even give him access to hair products. Steve gets served with divorce papers. Toyah is peeved by Peter's snogging adventures with Chloe and his reluctance to continue IVF until things calm down. There was a quiz night at the pub and Brian let Cathy win. Romance is is the air.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tracy to Rob:
"Wrecking people's lives is harder than you think"
(fortunately she practices a lot)

Tracy to Rob:
"I've had a taste of life without you and it's only half a life"
(like radioactive waste)

Tracy to Rob re: Amy:
"The last thing I want is her growing up like me"
(I think we can all agree on that)

Amy to Tracy:
"I hate Granddad" 
(oh oh, maybe she is growing up like Tracy)

Amy to Tracy re: a mini break:
"Coolio Iglesias"
(that's what all the kids are saying)

Rob to Tracy:
"I'm sorry I ruined everything"
(apology accepted)


Well denizens of downtown Weatherfield, so ends another week. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the offensive haircut edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Not since the League of Nations was formed in 1920 has such an august body convened as the Barlow Brains trust of Adam, Daniel, Peter and Eccles.

Their recommendation? Grass up Tracy as the likely suspect who pushed Ken down the stairs. Sadly the coppers have another idea: arrest Adam based on DNA evidence linking him to a kitchen counter - or something like that. Anyway, the point is Adam is the latest suspect in Kengate.

Also in the Barlow headlines: Rob's back. That's right, Rob is "out" of jail (presumably for good behaviour and/or he's on the lam) and in hiding. He's wounded (I'm guessing from a game of tiddlywinks which got out of hand in his cell block) and Tracy is providing comfort and support. Luke knows something is up and breaks up with Tracy in the process.

Elsewhere Sarah is getting increasingly worried about Bethany. Bethany is skipping school and spending all her time with Creep Du Jour Nathan. And, even though I've never actually seen a human customer at that "tanning salon", she seems to be working there while Nathan continues his nasty secret plan to pimp her out to his friend. Craig stops by but is labelled a "stalker" by Nathan.

Anna's monetary gift from David allows Kev to save his garage from bankruptcy. Freddy is set to leave and his feud with Rita continues (over a contentious slot machine payout).

Fiz gets together with an old friend named Kim. Funny story... turns out Kim is a man and an antique dealer. Ty is not amused.

Turns out that Shona is the mother of Clayton, the lowlife who stabbed Kylie. She goes to visit her son in the Big House and is spotted by Phelan (visiting Seb).

Also, Gail and Shona have a heart-to-heart about the trials and tribulations of their bad seed sons and Gail convinces Shona to keep quiet, rather than risk having Davey go off his nut again.

Jenny has established a wedding corner in the factory but Johnny is not himself and Kate thinks it's perhaps because he's having second thoughts about the wedding.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tracy to Rob on the benefits of jail:
"Ping pong, three square meals and regular action"
(sounds like Club Med with shivs)

Peter's glib response to Tracy when asked why Adam was arrested:
"Possession of an offensive haircut"
(It's funny because it's true)

Clayton to Mommy Shona:
"Did I have to kill someone to get your attention?"
(No, but it certainly did the trick)

Gail commiserates with Shona:
"Nobody sets out to raise a monster"
(except the guy who created Frankenstein)

David the hairdresser to David the dog:
"Do one, fur ball"
(He's a regular Cesar Milan)


Well, fellow Street Supporters, so ends another week. Not sure how I feel about the return of Rob (well, to be honest, a touch queasy) but maybe everything will work out okay. Probably not though. Thanks so much for stopping by and have great week. Cheers! 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Cheshire Haven edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Robert and Michelle seem to be an item despite Steve's best efforts to tempt Michelle into marriage counselling.

Peter is released by the police but his alibi is contradicted by Chloe who wants to make his life miserable. Still, Peter manages to do his bit for the IVF much to Toyah's delight. Ken remains hunkered down at Roy's as the investigation into his assault continues.

Sally has a nasty troll/stalker whose idea of a gag is a fake death notice in the newspaper and a cow's heart in a box delivered to Sal. Things go from bad to worse when Tim jumps a suspicious guest at a municipal event who turns out be innocent. 

Lucky David gets a bequest of 20,000 pounds from a customer along with a dog named Dave (wasn't that a song by that band America?) What will he do with the cash?

Elsewhere, Kev is in dire financial straits.  Seb is appearing in court and Faye asks Phelan to take her to the hearing. Johnny is not well but Jenny doesn't notice as she's preoccupied with wedding plans.

And now for a few quotes from the week that was:

Maria to Audrey re: Sally's visit from a lifestyle magazine reporter:
"She's got Cheshire Haven coming over today"
(Quick! Prepare the conservatory!)

David recalls a deceased salon customer:
"I gave her a purple rinse"
(whether she wanted it or not)

Police officer to Peter:
"I'm arresting you on suspicion of assaulting Chloe"
(can you at least let him out to do IVF?")

Peter insists to police that Chloe is a liar
"Shes a bunny boiler"
(no offence)

Sally introduces the chief municipal officer to her girls:
"This is our mayor. He's gay"
(Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Robert to Michelle:
"I love you"
(But what about Steve?)

Well, cobble comrades, so ends another week. Apologies for the late post. No excuses, only skiving. Have a great week and thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Barlow Fertility and Felony edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Hey, coppers, here's a theory. Maybe all the Barlows (Adam, Tracy, Daniel & Peter) got together at the top of the stairs and pushed Ken?

Think of it as a family felony get-together. After all, they've all got motives. And when will the police take Eccles in for questioning? That dog's been awfully quiet over the last few episodes. And we all know he resented Ken for not picking up his 'business' during walks on the Red Rec.

Yes, the inquiry into Ken's assault and stair pushing continues and the Barlowians are in the crosshairs. Adam, Tracy, Peter and Daniel are all suspects caught up in a dizzy web of lies.

Adam didn't go to Canada (pity!). Peter sent an incriminating voicemail to Simon. Tracy lies all the time anyway. Daniel already lost one parent under mysterious circumstances which he failed to mention - for six years. Suffice to say that this tangled mystery would take several seasons of Broadchurch to solve.

Meanwhile Ken is discharged from the hospital (again) but prefers to stay Chez Roy where there are fewer Barlows and less stair pushing.

Elsewhere, Kev is skint but won't accept free groceries from Dev. Daniel tries to do a runner but Sinead catches him. Sally's online troll is still taunting her. Bethany is upset when she sees a photo of Nathan kissing Mel. Eileen is back and wins a car. Audrey breaks her arm. Fiz wants to become a massage therapist.

And now for a few lines from last week:

Ken is visited by Adam in hospital:
"I thought you were in Canada"
(it didn't take)

Tracy discovers that Adam was not in the Great White North:
"Why did you lie about being in Canada?"
(doesn't everyone? I tell people I live in Guam)

Police wonder why Daniel didn't report his missing mother earlier:
"You've done the right thing... six years too late"
(he was busy)

Tracy re: Daniel:
"He's a psycho"
(guess it runs in the family)

Peter assures Toyah that she will have a baby:
"You've got Barlow fertility on your side"
(not to mention Barlow felony)

Nick does the "j'accuse" routine on Peter:
It was you, wasn't it? You tried to kill your own Dad"
(Peter? Patricide? Preposterous?)


Well, fellow felony followers, so ends another week and the Barlow imbroglio continues as police have many motives but no clear suspect. The investigation continues.Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the window cleaner in heels edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Can you believe it? Ken is back in hospital... and not because he flies United.

Rather some dastardly villain actually pushed the obstreperous octogenarian down the stairs in what the police are calling attempted murder.

Mind you, ol' Ken has been doing a good job of cheesing off all and sundry like: Phelan (hurry up and finish the bloody kitchen!), Peter (is he back on the bottle and having it off with Chloe?), Amy (violins are damn expensive!), Tracy (no dosh for her florist shop!), Adam (get thee back to Canada!), Sinead (how dare you sabotage Daniel's sacred Oxford plan!), Daniel (how dare you sabotage your sacred Oxford plan!) and so on.

Todd suspects Pat Phelan is the guilty party and employs some Halloween-style tricks to give Phelan a scare once he learns about Pat's belief in the paranormal. But before you can say 'ghostbuster', Pat is ghostbusted by the police on suspicion of attempted murder.

Toyah turns to her ex after learning about Peter and Chloe but then believes that a) Peter is not back on the bottle and b) Peter is not having it off with Chloe. She decides to make up with Peter.

Brian and Cathy go to a play but Brian is reluctant to tell Roy about his burgeoning romance.

Meanwhile, Rosie wants to do a photo shoot (an embarrassing one, 'natch) to raise money for Kev's garage mortgage payment. Sally does a radio interview to promote Jenny's line of mastectomy bras but then gets bad news regarding her own health. Her cancer could be back.

Leanne tries to explain her ex to Toyah:
"Peter's a complicated man"
(you have to learn how to read between the tattoos)

Tracy is interviewed by the police:
"I didn't expect to be questioned about trying to murder my Dad"
(well, your rap sheet does say 'murder')

Ken is frustrated by Phelan's slow reno pace:
"Why am I surrounded by people who always let me down?"
(or push you down... the stairs)

Chloe's demands to Peter in exchange for not ruining his life:
"Get on your knees and say please"
(would you settle for a card and a box of Ferrero Rocher?)

Chloe has a heart-to-heart with Ken about Peter:
"He was just my taxi driver at first"
(...and then I gave him a few tips)

Anna critiques Rosie's window cleaning outfit:
"You can't clean windows in heels"
(Try wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik flats)


Well, fellow Street Savants, so ends another week. Poor old Ken is back in the hospital and the police are hard at work trying to figure out who pushed him down the stairs. Ever consider David? After all he has experience. He once pushed Gail down the stairs. Just saying. Have a great weekend and a great week. Cheers!